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Trend :: Feather

stamp  //  thank you cards  //  ring  //  tote barrettes  //  iphone cover  //  champagne glasses  //  locket bobby pins  //  print  //  tea towel  //  hair accessory necklace  //  travel mug  //  bracelet  //  earrings I can’t say that I’ve gone head over heals into this trend, but I have certainly noticed it quite [...]

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Trend :: Monogram

burlap runner  // cookies  //  iPhone case  // wall decal  //  make-up bags cake topper //  cuff links // iPhone charger   // necklace  //  pint glass  car decal  //  mug //  iPhone button decal //  neck tie // playing cards clutch  // framed print  //  key chain  //  paper cups  //  rain boots cookie  //  guitar pick  //  searsucker tie  //  chevron pillow // ring I’m not sure if it ever really goes out of style, but the [...]

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WIWW :: Winter Warm Ups

It has been a really, really long time since I’ve done a WIWW. You would think I’d have a whole back-log of photos to share, but unfortunately, not so. So I’ll just share what I’ve got. It seems as thought I;m trying to add a little sunshine and warmth to these winter days with a [...]

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Emerald :: Color of the Year

Lively :: Radiant :: Lush Last year’s dance with Tangerine Tango is coming to an end. Sadly, as I was surprised how the orange hue stuck with me. But center stage for this coming year is a gem! A jewel, really: emerald. Yes, emerald is growing on me like ivy on a brick wall. Here are [...]

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WIWW :: A Little Bit of Plaid

I just mentioned my obsession with plaids the other day. I’m not sure if houndstooth is officially considered a plaid, but I’m lumping it in today.  shirt – j.crew factory // skirt – j.crew factory // tights – target // shoes – target // belt – target // necklace – target I have to tell [...]

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Trend Watch :: Plaid

I have a thing for plaid. Even as a girl, I begged for a Ralph Lauren blackwatch purse (my parents were kind enough to oblige–with a little one). So the plaid passion is not new to me, but of late, I have noticed it spreading into areas that I’ve really not seen before. Classic plaids as cupcake [...]

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Quick Holiday Apparel Pops!

There are oodles of parties during this time of year, aren’t there? It seems that once Thanksgiving hits, there is at least one party a week until Christmas–often more. I guess it doesn’t help that my family celebrates lots of birthdays in late November/early December (including mine which is next Wednesday–come back for a some [...]

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WIWW & AlwaysVery Stocked for Christmas!

I’m not sure if you know about it, but I have a little shop called AlwaysVery where I feature my busywork–mainly knit items and the like. I don’t do much with this shop during the summer due to the nature of the products. But over the warmer seasons, I accumulate quite a stash to sell. [...]

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The Tiny Twig Visits + “The No Brainer Blog” E-Book Giveaway!

“Tiny” is an understatement for this wonderfully talented and compassionate woman. Hayley Morgan is visiting today from The Tiny Twig to share her heart about More Passion :: Less Fuss as well as offer Lemon Drop Shop readers a chance to win her latest e-book which just released last week: The No Brainer Blog. And [...]

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Here I am again! I’m really not very good about documenting my apparel. My husband happened to take this pics recently and commented that he liked my outfit. My husband is quite the style guru so I thought the look might be worthy of sharing. oxford shirt – old navy // sweater – gap // [...]

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